Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Not having health insurance in Thailand? It’s not a luxury, it’s essential, it’s a necessity.

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 health insurance Local or international insurance?

  • Inpatient only or outpatient treatment also?
  • Direct payment of hospital charges?
  • Cover 100% actual costs?
  • Daily Room and Board limit?
  • Intensive Care Unit limit?
  • Pre-hospital / Post-hospital, is it cover?
  • Compulsory Health Insurance for immigration
  • Outpatient Cancer Treatment?
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Personal Accident
  • Standard exclusions
  • Overseas Limit
  • Deductible?
  • Worldwide Cover?
  • Hospital Choice?
  • Maximum limit per year
  • Maternity cover?
  • Discount options?
  • Waiting period?
  • Guaranteed renewability?
  • Individual, family, group or corporate plans available
  • Repatriation assistance

We recommend AXA, April International, LMG and Pacific Cross for your Health insurance plan.

April InternationalPacific Cross