Car and Vehicle Insurance

Car and Vehicle Insurance

  • 1st Class insurance (All risks)
  • 2nd Class insurance
  • 3rd Class insurance
  • Car for rent insurance cover
  • Fire, Theft, Flood Cover
  • Dealer garage, Contract garage
  • Unnamed driver, named driver
  • Deductible
  • Third party bodily injury
  • Third party property damage
  • Medical Expense
  • Bail Bond
  • Accessories Cover
  • Roadside Service
  • 24 Hours claim service Hotline, Thailand wide
  • Electric Car Insurance for BYD, Tesla, Ora, Neta and more, follow this link for a quotation:

We recommend insurance products from AIG, MSIG, Axa for your car insurance.



                                                     Compulsory insurance

                              Limit of liability for Compulsory Motor Insurance

Preliminary Compensation paid without any proof of fault:

  • Actual Medical expenses not more than 30,000 Baht
  • Loss of Life, loss of organs or permanent disability: 35,000 Baht per person
  • Maximum coverage, including preliminary coverage: Not more than 50,000 Baht

Liability to victim:

  • Loss of Life, permanent disability: 200,000 Baht/person
  • Bodily injury: 50,000 Baht/person
  • Daily Compensation (in case inpatient treatment in a hospital): 200 Baht per day but not more than 20 days: Not exceed 4,000 Baht/person
  • Total not exceed 204,000 Baht/person. Total Liability 5 Millions Baht Maximum